Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Great Peeps Debate

This little box of Peeps has been sitting on my kitchen table & open since March 18th so they can dry out & become good & chewy!!!  To me, that's the only way to eat these...they MUST be dried out.  And they must be the little yellow chickies of my youth...and only at Easter, please!  None of the pumpkin shapes or even black cat ones...those just aren't Peeps in my book.

Everywhere I've worked, the dried out vs. fresh Peeps debate comes up...well, ok...I always raise it.  And people do fall into one category or the other.  So how do YOU like your Peeps?  Dried out & chewy or fresh & mushy?  Inquiring minds want to know.

BTW...these will be good & chewy just in time for Easter!!! 


  1. I'll add a twist to the debate...how about frozen Peeps. I used to work with a woman that had a freezer devoted to Peeps she bought the day after Easter at half off so she could eat frozen Peeps all year long.
    My niece, nephews and brother tried the frozen Peeps. I'm not a Peep person myself although the dried out ones might be okay as the only way I like marshmallows in stale and dried out. No real conclusions on the frozen Peeps...they are good frozen or good fresh out of the package according to them.
    One thing my nephew decided, they are not good with chocolate frosting - while his Grandma was making and decorating an Easter cake he tried one. It was very interesting because up until then we were all pretty sure he would say anything and everything was better with chocolate frosting!
    So anyone want to weigh in on the frozen Peeps???

  2. Hey Kimber...I just put the "fresh" Peeps into the freezer so Phil & I can try them that way...I'll report back once we do the taste test.